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Legacy portraiture, beautifully displayed

for you - your children and grandchildren.

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Pricing - Products - Referrals - Loyalty

You will never regret investing in quality family photography. To help you, decide which products are right for you and your family we have set out a comprehensive price list below.

All the pricing includes V.A.T. and Photo sessions can be both studio or location-based.**

We offer both formal and documentary styles of portraiture and of course we're happy to mix the two styles for you and your loved ones.  

All pricing is guaranteed for 3 months after your photo session, however, if you purchase at your presentation, we offer a 10% discount* on the advertised price.

There are a number of options available. We recommend you start by making a decision as to where you would like your portraits to live, This method will give you a ballpark figure as to the total cost of photography.

If you would like to see first-hand examples of products we offer, you are very welcome to book a non-committal consultation session where we can talk, go over the options open to you and show you the products.

We offer an excellent professional service and high-quality legacy products. which over time will prove to be of great value. Most of our print products include digital files or they can be purchased with the print product at a substantial discount. In all cases, both lo-res and Hi-res formats are provided.

We do have a digital-only option However, please note standalone files can only be purchased in quantities of 10 or more.  

We are very proud and delighted that a number of our clients visit us on more than one occasion thus allowing us to document their family as it grows and develops.

How it works.

Our system is simple -   

Book your photo session, (click here to start the process) then purchase the images you love in a style that suits you, your home, and your family.

Booking a photo-session or asking a question could not be easier just click on the link below. Fill in the short form and we will do the rest. Once you have booked your session you will receive our pre-shoot what to do and bring a guide that has some great tips to help you get the most from your special day.   

Click Here if you would like to book a photo-session Ask a question or view our products

Loyalty & Referrals.

It is always a compliment when our clients like us enough to visit us a second or third time or refer us to friends and family.

For clients who use our services, more than once we offer a 30% Discount on any photoshoot Plus two Free mounted and matted 10x7 prints when you spend £350 or more on any Print products 

Our new referral program is a thank you for recommending us and sharing your images with your family, friends, and colleagues. Once you have purchased any print or digital product from us, you're automatically included in our new referral Programme. Simply tell your friends & family about us, and should they decide to book one of our photo sessions and mention you at the time of booking, they earn themselves15% off a photo-shoot** and you get your next photo session at half the current price. Plus we will gift you an extra two free 10x7 mounted and matted portraits from that session. 

* Discounts are not available in conjunction with any other offer. 

** Extra charges will apply if the location is more than 25 miles from our base. (50-mile round trip)

*** Usual T's & C's Apply Please ask for a copy.

Portrait sessions

The length of family Portrait sessions can vary. We only book one session a day so we can give you our undivided attention with no time constraints. Most, as a rule, tend to be between 100 -150 minutes in length. This includes any clothing changes but it can depend on how things pan out.  Documentary sessions tend to be a more relaxed affair and often we will let children get used to our presence if they are quite shy. One thing is certain no two sessions are the same.

There will always be myself and our secret weapon at every shoot session. She is called Julie, all the kids adore her which enables us to work quickly and efficiently.                  

Please note the session fee does not include any prints or products, which are purchased separately at your presentation viewing session

Session Fees

Weekends/Bank Holidays 200

Monday-Friday 150

All pricing is in Pounds sterling & includes VAT @ the current rate

Our Amazing products

Portfolio boxes in a range of styles and sizes.

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Folio Boxes

When it comes to portraiture loose-leaf prints in a folio box are a popular choice with clients. in particular, the hero Shot box allows you to showcase your images rather than have them stuck in a drawer.

10 x7 Prints come in 11x14 mounts which can be framed at a later date, or given as a gift any time you choose. Choose between a number of different styles finishes and colours. 

Our top-selling box features a clear acrylic window in which your favourite image can be displayed and changed in a matter of seconds. The box is covered in luxurious soft-touch faux leather. The interior is covered with plush velvet. all your images are protected and you have the option of adding a USB Pendrive to keep digital files with the prints.

Our 5 image diamond box comes with the option to include a USB pen drive to store the included digital files in both High & Low resolution 

Our 12 Image hero shot box also comes with the option to add Digital files on a separate boxed 16 GB USB pen drive 

The stunning 20 & 30 Image Boxes include a beautiful handmade box matching With a range of USB Pen drives which are held the folio box lid, so your digital files are always with your prints. Some folio boxes come with a clear lid so you can choose and swap out a hero shot within seconds. These Clear lid folio boxes are designed to sit in both vertical or landscape orientation. The folio boxes with a solid lid allow for some personal text embossed onto the lid to give a luxury and personal feel to your collection.

All portfolio box prints are 10" x 7" come retouched mounted and matted in 11" x 14" mounts which allow the image to breathe. Digital files in both hi-res and Lo-res versions so you have both sets of files for print and sharing on the web.  

We also offer a duplicate small-scale folio box which can be purchased alongside the primary box. This box is a smaller version of 20 & 30 image boxes they hold 5x7 prints presented in 10x8 mounts. These duplicate boxes make a stunning gift to grandparents or other family members, godparents, or friends.

5 10x7 Images in white 11x14 portfolio box  450. 

5 10x7 Images in 11x15 Diamond Folio Box  450.

5 10x7 Images in 11x15 Diamond Folio Box with USB Pen Drive Hi & Lo-res digital files 695. 

12 10x7 Images in an off white 11x14 hero shot folio box 949 

12 10x7 Images in an off white 11x14 hero shot folio box complete Hi & Lo-res digital files on 16GB USB Pen drive 1195 

20 10x7 Images in 11x14 choose between a hero shot or solid lid box with matching USB Pen drive to store the included Hi and low res digital files. 1799  

As Above with 30 Image Box 2295  

Duplicate gift portfolio box of 5x7 Prints in 10” x 8” mounts in a hero shot portfolio box. Available as an extra with the 20 or 30 image folio boxes only.  Not available as a Standalone Product.

(20 image box) 699  

(30 Image Box) 899

Digital files are not included with the duplicate gift portfolio box but of course, the files are provided with the main box

Diamond Folio Box. Available with an Optional USB pen drive for your digital Files

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Photographic Albums are a great way to tell your family story and a great way to get more images for a smaller outlay. 

We can design the album layout with you at your presentation session or can design it for you. Our Beautifully made, albums are high quality and durable enough to stand the test of time. Defined by an all-new Smooth Touch material, the album has both a luxurious look and soft feel to it.

Photographic prints are heat-sealed onto thick card pages to give a truly luxurious feel. you have the option to add printed text to the cover of your album to personalise it further. As your family grows and develops adding subsequent albums over time really creates a historical record which you and future generations within your family will treasure.         

Mini albums are just that and they are made to the same exacting standards. They are available as a small duplicate album when ordered alongside a feature album. These scaled-down versions are the perfect gift for grandparents, godparents, and extended families. 

12″x 12″ feature album from 995

6″x 6″ mini-album from 595 (only available in conjunction with a feature album)

Hi & Low Res digital files are included with all Albums. Photo Albums are VAT Free. 

A Beautifully crafted bespoke free print box for orders of 20 0r more 6x4 or 7x5 Prints

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Loose Leaf Prints 

Mounted or Unmounted 

Unmounted prints are a cost-effective way to buy a wide selection of images and the perfect option if you’d prefer to purchase larger numbers of images. Choose from three Sizes 6"x4" 7"x5" & 10"x7"  

Purchases of 20 or more 6"x4" or 7"x5" images on Matt or Gloss Photographic Paper come with a beautiful bespoke Print Box.     

10x7 options are printed on a choice of fine art paper of the quality usually found in art galleries and museums. or choose metallic or quality photographic paper in a matt or gloss finish. 

The fine art papers comply with the highest archival standards, guaranteeing that your prints will look great for years to come. Metallic papers give a punchy look, which changes with the light, especially suited to Black and white Images. 

Prints are in sizes

10” x 7”  50 each

6″x 4″, 7″x 5″,  35 each.

Purchase 20 or more 6x4 or 7x5 Prints to receive a bespoke print Box      

Option to add 5mm foam board backing to 

6"x4" & 7”x5” or prints, 7.50 each

Add mounts and mats  

6”x 4” & 7"x5" Prints 7.50 each

please note 6x4 & 7x5 prints in mounts and mats are not suitable for print boxes.

7x5 option please see our Folio box section 

Add our slip lock Archival Acid-free Mounts and mats

14x11 For 10x7 prints 15 each  

10"x8" For 7"x5 prints 10 each

(not suitable with fine art papers) Please ask for options when requiring fine art papers. 

Folio Art Frames

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Folio Art Frames 

Perfect for displaying in your own home or to give as a stunning gift to the family.

An innovative display that allows you to display more images from your Folio box A clever magnetic design allows you to change the print inside in mere seconds. it has a very stylish design with a piano black acrylic base and rear panel

The frame can easily be rotated to show both landscape or portrait-orientated images. it comes in two sizes with a selected print in a smart diamond box complete with a gift bag making it a wonderful gift to someone you love.

The retouched Hi & Lo res digital file is Included 

11"x14" (10"x 7") Print 199

10"x 8" (5"x7") Print 149

Framed Fine Art Prints - Alumini - Acrylics

Alumini or 6mm Acrylic’s Printed on Professional Gloss photo paper or a Metal print

  • Untitled photo
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  • Untitled photo

Frames, Acrylics, & Gallery Blocks

We have a range of frames or Acrylic’s in a selection of finishes/colours to suit the décor of most homes.

Prints can be on a pearl fine art paper or Fuji colour Professional photographic lustre Paper. Actual size will vary depending on the frame and mounts chosen. Some products have a double mount in contrasting colours to compliment the image. All frames come ready to hang & prints are heat-sealed onto a backing board to preserve their integrity. Gallery blocks have a gloss or satin canvas finish.

Frame types include

Smooth Contour, Classic Attic, Loft, Deco, Renaissance & Box. or choose an Alumni or Acrylic in gloss matt or Metal prints. Gallery blocks with a gloss or satin canvas. 

36" x 24" 599

30" x 20" 499

24" x 16" 449

18" x 12" 399

15" x 10" 299

12" x 8"   249

All framed Images, Alumini's, Acrylics & Gallery Blocks include both hi res & low res corresponding digital file via FTP server. so you always have a digital copy of the chosen print.  

All measurements are approximate. Print sizes will vary depending on the product or mount combination selected. We would advise going one size larger to get a print closer to the actual size you require when purchasing products with mounts. 

Smooth Contour - Colourful Spectrum - Classic Attic

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Wide range of colours available with the spectrum frame

Untitled photo

Loft - Deco - Renaissance

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Gallery Blocks

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Box Frames

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Floating Block Frames

Untitled photo

Floating Block Frames 

Custom-made floating blocks allow you to create inspiring layouts. We’ll present some suggested designs at your viewing session which will help you combine complementary images.

1-20”x 20” with a single 9”x9” Image

1-28”x 11” with 1-10”x8” image & 2-6”x 8” images

1-21”x 21” with 4 - 9.5”x7.5” Images

1-25”x 22” with 1 – 19” x15.5” image & 3 6”x 6” Images

1 -21”x 21” with 9 – 6” x 6” Images

All floating block Sizes 499

Please remember that our images are based on a 3 x 2 aspect ratio any image outside this ratio images will be cropped. if a Square image format interests you, then please say so before or at your photoshoot so we can create images to suit accordingly.

Digital files with Floating Blocks are charged @ 20 each.

Please Ask For details

Floating Blocks A popular choice for your home

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Fine Art Float Frame

Untitled photo

Fine Art Float Frame. 

Fine art float frames are quite simply stunning. They take fine art printing to a whole different level and without a doubt are one of my personal favourites. 

A beautiful contemporary style frame surrounds your print which appears to be floating in mid-air and makes a fabulous centrepiece in any home especially the larger sizes. 

The fine art float-frame is the perfect product for putting your beautiful family fine art prints in the spotlight. Images are printed onto fine art cotton smooth paper, This multi-level framed wall print adds further depth and dimension to fine art photography. Choose from a straight edge for a sleek look or a torn edge for a creative finish. Complete with protective acrylic and a choice of 6 frames this is the perfect product to focus all the attention on your images.

Please note size stated is the rear panel size, not the print size.  

30″ x 20″ 599

24" x 16" 499

18" x 12" 399

20" x 20" 499

All framed Images Alumini's & Acrylics included both hi res & low res corresponding digital file

A choice of colours is avaiable for float Frames

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Digital files come on a 16GB USB Pen drive in either a linen or paisley patterned box. Two lines of text on the box lid available at no extra Cost

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  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Print Ready Digital Files.

as a standalone product

Most of our clients choose to buy one of our beautiful folio box's especially when a collection of images is desired. Some prefer to purchase stunning framed images for the walls of their home with many mixing the combination of the two, thus seeing and enjoying their images each and every day. All our print products with the exception of loose-leaf prints include the digital files most include both the hi & Lo-res versions 

If you prefer to purchase the retouched digital files as a standalone option to make your own prints, you are welcome to do so. 

This Option is perfect for such things as creating your own greetings cards or larger quantities of the same print. Each digital image is processed to the same exacting high standards as our print Products and, for your convenience, resized to our usual print dimensions. This allows you to upload them to your lab’s website with ease and confidence. We also provide you with lo-res copies ideal for sharing social media and mobile devices. Digital files come on a 16GB USB Pen drive in either a linen or paisley patterned box. Two lines of text on the box lid available at no extra Cost

Complete set of 30 processed digital files both Hi & Lo-res as a standalone 1795

Set of 15 Digital Files both HI & Lo-res 1350 

Single files (subject to a minimum spend of 1000) 100 each

Gift and E-Vouchers 

If you are looking to gift a photo session or even one of our beautiful portrait products of gift or E-voucher is so easy to purchase and it all can be done online. We can even Mail a gift card to you or the recipient for you. if your purchasing one of Our E-vouchers you can even create your own design and unlike the gift cards can be for any amount set by yourself.   

Click Here for more information

Create your own Package

Choose any combination to create your own Package

Remember to purchase any items at your viewing session and get a 10% discount off published prices.

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Ready to get in touch?

IF you have any questions or just want to know more then please click on the link below or you can email or just call us 

Of Course, we would be delighted to hear from you whichever way you choose. you will find us both friendly and approachable. We love to talk and get to know a little about you and your family your favourite place and what brings a smile to your face. so we can create for you wonderful imagery and present the best photographic product suited to you, your home, and your family.

Contact us.

Inquiry Click Here

Email –

Telephone – Mobile 07515 948355

Landline 01463 811379

Inverness Specialist portrait photographer offering location & studio-based professional photography, For portraits headshots and branding imagery

In line with our terms and conditions, Nigel Atkinson Photography offers a 10% discount on all the pricing above only if the items are purchased in full at your Presentation Session. This offer is not extendable under any circumstances. 

Nigel Atkinson Photography reserves the right to amend its pricing at any time, however, we will guarantee the above pricing for a maximum of 3 Calender months after the date of your photoshoot.  

Please see or ask for a copy of our terms and conditions.

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