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Questions you should ask yourself before asking how much.

Family photographs are the sole of any home

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1) Where do you want your family portraits to live?

This is the foundation of all decisions, in that the answer will guide you to certain products which will then give you a clue as to the final cost. Everybody is different, only you know what appeals to you. it could be anything from wall art to gift products. 

For me personally, I have never understood the notion of having professional family portraits taken, only to hide them in a cupboard or drawer. I love to see family portraits on display around our house, Photography is the soul of a home and a window on the past not to mention and a reminder of how much we have changed. 

2) Do you know what image products you would like to have?

When calling for the first time, most people have very little idea of the products available to them, This is perfectly normal and understandable. We advise taking a look at the products on our Photosession & Product Pricing page to give you an idea of the options you have.

If you have a starting point you are halfway there. if you are still unsure You are very welcome to call anytime or visit us (appointment needed) to discuss and see our range of stunning products. This will help you decide in advance. We can go over the options and discuss items that will suit you, your family and your home. Please ask for an appointment. 

3) What is the Colour scheme and style of your room?

Another thing you should consider before purchasing portraits is the colour and style of the place they are going to hang or be displayed. Look at existing photos or artwork around the room, this will help you decide on the products that are right for you.  For example, most people are not going to want a regency frame on a portrait when you live in a contemporary style house. likewise, the colour of the product or products needs to be carefully considered to suit the room.   

4) If you are thinking of wall art, the size you purchase is an important factor.

Are you looking to build a gallery over time or do you want a centrepiece image? Take an image of the room on your phone. once you have had your photoshoot  We can then create a mock-up in our software at your presentation for you, so can get an idea of what a certain image or a collection will look like in your home. This will help you in deciding on a final product for your home. 

5) When looking at our pricing remember, we offer two ways of getting great family photography.  

A] Book a photo session and then select your style of products at your presentation session. Remember if you purchase at your presentation session we give a 10% discount on all advertised prices.

B) Select one of our pre-paid packages. Often a good way if you know in advance what sort of products you would like. 

See our Pricing By clicking here 

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