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For many people choosing a photographer is a difficult choice. Who should you choose in this unregulated industry?

We have been selling photography services professionally for over 30 years, and have loved every minute of our journey. 

Our motto of "your portrait is our passion", really is true. We are fun and approachable and we care passionately about the imagery we produce and how we serve you. 

As portrait and content specialists. We love producing high-quality imagery for the people and businesses of the highlands and we are pleased and proud that many of them use our services repeatedly. That's the biggest compliment we can ever receive. 

You can be assured we will listen, advise and provide the highest quality service along with award-winning products  

Choose between a prepaid package or book a session-only option

it’s that simple. No hard sell just plain helpful advice where and if you need it.  

Our Wall Art Design Service will allow you to visualise the images you would like to see on your walls, even before you order. Simply take a photograph of your room we can add your image to our design software. thus allowing you to see exactly how they will look.

You are welcome to view our products anytime, even before booking a session. you may call us at any time between 10 am & 8 pm, 7 days a week on 07515 948355.

We look forward to creating beautiful imagery of you, your family, your pet or your business.

Documentary or Studio Portraits which one appeals to you.

Documentary portraiture (DP) vs Formal Portraiture (FP)  Which one is right for you?

Traditional Family portraits are something most families will do at some point in their lifetime. They are often done in a studio with clean backgrounds, usually when the children are small but more often than not when a new family member arrives or when family members who live away from home return for a brief period.

Documentary portraits are different taking place within the home or at favourite location.  We create a series of photographs of your family doing the things you would normally do on any given day, this may be going for a family walk or eating a family meal.

The images are often intimate glimpses and records of family life and as such are becoming ever more popular. 

Documentary sessions are easier for you as a family, as there is no getting dressed for the occasion. hair and make-up take a back seat. You wear the clothes you would normally wear for the activity you are going to do. This in itself keeps family members more relaxed as they are more than likely to be comfortable in familiar surroundings rather than stepping onto a formal set with lots of equipment, that’s not to say traditional portraits don’t have a place they are very much part of what we do.

Documentary photography records snippets of your life revealing and recording not just the way you look but something about your family and the things you enjoy doing together. Imagery that depicts fun and laughter and even very special moments that happen in an instant and are gone just as quickly, 

Traditional portraiture has its place and it really depends on you and your tastes. Some love the experience of coming to the studio while others just want great fly-on-the-wall type imagery but there is nothing to stop you from having both.

What to Do at Your Family Documentary Photography Session

The whole point of documentary photography is images must look natural. It doesn’t matter what you do, but that you’re honestly involved in the activity and not trying to manufacture a situation and therefore an image. My advice is, to loosely plan a few activities that you know your family enjoys but to keep an open mind, and just go where the day leads you.

The best moments don’t come from following a script or direction but from just letting the family be the way they are. Those are the moments we love to capture that spontaneous fraction of a second once-over will never be recreated.   

What is Documentary Family Photography?

Much of what defines DFP is the lack of rules. It isn’t posed, staged, or directed. It isn’t heavily retouched. It isn’t attempting to make the surroundings look “better” than they really are. it is Just great photography telling your story.


Please head over to our pricing page for more details  Our Session fees include travel to your home or location provided it is within 50 miles of our base. (extra mileage charges will apply beyond a 50-mile round trip)

Indoor Ideas

Your home is where your family is most comfortable. It’s where everyone can be themselves - and is a great place to start capturing genuine moments. just about anything you do regularly around the house makes for great images.

* Reading * Art & crafts * Physical play * Preparing meals in the kitchen * Snuggling on the couch, or in bed. * Children at play. Following the kids around and seeing what they get up to when their parents aren’t watching can make for some wonderful photos. * Play or quiet time with pets. if you have pets we love to include them as they are part of the family. Getting some images of your pets and family together is especially important considering they aren’t around as long as we wish they were.

Outdoor ideas

* A visit to a park, farm, etc. * Picnics * Outdoor play in the garden park, Beach or Forest walk. * Horseback riding * Washing the car * walking / Playing with pets * 

Every event from having a baby to having a picnic is packed with meaningful moments you’ll want to hold onto. * Birthday parties * Family reunions * Picnics * Sporting events * New puppy or kitten (horse?) * Christmas (or another holiday) preparation, putting up the tree, etc.

As you can see there are endless opportunities for great documentary photos available at all times. This list is just a few examples.

Please Note

We accept that getting professional imagery can sometimes seem like a chore. We have created a simple 4-step process that makes things easy. Here's how it works. 

STEP 1 To book a photo shoot or even just make an inquiry, head over to our home page and click on the start your journey here link or call us on 07515 948355. We will discuss your options so you may make an informed choice. 

STEP 2 We'll have a fun, relaxed session enabling us to capture some incredible, authentic images of you and your family. It will be the easiest fun family photo session you've ever had.

STEP 3 We will present your images to you in a prepared slideshow and show you the beautiful products we offer. You can then decide on the images and products you would like to purchase. Purchase at your presentation and you will get 10% of the advertised price.

STEP 4 Your order will be delivered to your home, All ready to hang or display treasure and share. 

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