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Photography Projects.

As part of our own development, we constantly engage in personal projects and quite often rely on volunteers to model for us. The aim is to have some fun whilst creating some different style Images from our everyday portraits.

Below you will find projects we have in the pipeline. Which currently have no fixed date. if You would like to be part of these projects you can register your interest on this page. Our decision to undertake any project is based on need, time and personnel available. Wet or Windy Weather can also play a part. As a small group, we often have a lot of fun on these shoots and they can be a chance to form new friendships and network.  

For us, it is a chance to try new lighting and creative techniques to push our creative boundaries. These projects are on a time for print basis. so it is a chance to own some amazing images of and for yourself.

if you have Enthusiasm, a sense of humour and are reliable Then there may be something for here for you. 

People in their 50's,  

Sisters between the age of 30 & 50,  

Professional and non-professional Model's  Dancers, Actors, Athletes, (Gymnasts, Boxers, Basketball players Skateboarders)

Volunteers to assist on the day. 

These projects will take place sometime during 2019 and will require a degree of patience as we try different concepts. Each project will only be completed once.   Please see below and click on the link in the description to register your interest. 

In your 50's

We're looking to create some formal and informal portrait images of people in their 50's because 50 is the new 30 Please Click Here selecting the 50's option and fill out the short request form.   


Do you have a sister? Are you close? Are you both in the age range of 30-50? Would you like some images of you both together? If the answer to all four questions is yes, then please click here and place the word Sisters in the drop-down heading and fill out the short request form.

Adult Ballet dancers

Are you a ballet dancer Aged 16 or over?

We’re looking for both male and female dancers. We want to create some beautiful art type photographs for your (and our) portfolio. both location and studio based. If you live or can get to the Inverness area, we would love to hear from you. Please click here and select the word Ballet in the drop-down heading and fill out the short request form.


We're looking for Athletes to photograph. Gymnasts, Boxers, Basketball/Netball players.     we want to capture your skill set.  if you would like to help us with this project  Please click here fill in the short form selecting Athletes in the drop-down menu tell us a little about yourself. 

Non-Models in your own home.

For this project, we are looking for everyday people, who have no modelling experience. We want to photograph you in your own home. These may not be conventional portraits. Our aim is to create some concept art style images This is very much a trial and error project and you may not be recognisable in the images, but we do want is your home as it normally would be. We don't even want you to tidy up.  

if you fancy being part of this project, please click here and select concept imagery in my own home option in the drop-down menu, and fill out the short request form. You must live within 20 miles of Inverness.

Models, Amateur and Professional 

We’re looking for models to work with, on location. If you would like to extend your portfolio and in doing so help us extend ours, Please click here and select model location shoot and fill out the short form adding any modeling experience to date and tell us where we can see some of the images of you or work you have been involved with on the internet. 

Photographic Assistants 

Occasionally we may need help on our personal projects.  These projects are not commercial so it is a great chance to get involved and assist us on set. if you have an interest in photography are reasonably fit and would like to learn as a volunteer, we would love to hear from you. This is a great chance to work alongside and learn some lighting and photography techniques. contact us by Clicking here and selecting Volunteer on the drop-down menu,  Please tell us about yourself. Some photographic experience is preferential but not essential. However, enthusiasm, a sense of humour reliability and a willingness to learn is paramount  

All  Usual T&C’s apply for a copy please contact us via email

  • Beautiful girls twins-dj
  • Couple of ballet dancers posing over gray background
  • Old ladies laughing
  • Man on rocking chair in a dirty old room
  • Depressed woman
  • Woman Hat Lips and Shoulder, Elegant Fashion Model in Black Wide Broad Brim Hat, Retro Lady Beauty Portrait

From our light in the dark project

  • NAP_18N2205-Edit
  • NAP_18N2088-Edit
  • NAP_18N2108-Edit-Edit-Edit
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