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Preparing for your day


For your portrait shoot, we prefer that you have at least 3 different outfits of clothing to change into. For personal branding sessions please see below. 

The number one rule is; you have to love the item of clothing. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, you won’t photograph well while wearing it.

We always get asked what clothing colours work best, and I generally say plain pastel colours and black or white items. These always work well, and they tend not to date, but it can depend on your personal preference, but you must feel good wearing it, so I suggest selecting a wide variety of colours and styles. everything from t-shirts, off the shoulder tops, sweaters and light jackets can work. I would generally stay away from bold patterns, and high fashion items as these will at some point go out of fashion and will date an image.

Ladies, please don’t forget about items you may need such as the appropriate underwear for the item, such as a strapless bra if you have an off the shoulder top.

For portraits flowing feminine dresses enable us to get beautiful romantic portraits, so include these items if you have them as well as the more casual look. so if you find yourself questioning whether or not something will work then please ask were only too happy to help

After you have booked your session with us we will send you a Pinterest board if you would like us to, with essential items and ideas on, for your shoot along with a PDF with information on things to do and not to do leading up to your shoot. 

Women's make-up.

Makeup for your session is highly recommended for all women. Our Make-up artists know what works in front of the camera, whilst at the same time advising you which way to go with your makeup. They are also sympathetic and will listen to your own preferences. They do this on a daily basis and the makeup is applied specifically to fit with the lighting setups we use. Please let us know if you have any allergies as soon as possible. 

Women's hair.

With hair, everyone is different. As a rule, we would recommend using our stylist if your hair is longer than shoulder length. 

Spray Tans

if you intend to have a spray tan, we would recommend doing so around a week before your photo shoot. This gives it time to settle and will look more realistic in your images, than one which has been done the day before your shoot.


Remember any accessories that you have such as hair clips, jewellery, hats and scarves, 


if you wear glasses, please make sure you have with you as many pairs as possible. Flash can sometimes (with certain types of glasses) cause reflections, Each pair will reflect differently, so having more than one pair gives us options. There is no problem if you wear contact lenses.                    


It's not required and I usually don't recommend makeup on men. but if you wear makeup and would like us to do it please let us know in advance.  

If you're getting a haircut, please do so at least 3 days before your shoot, as it tends to look better in pictures when it’s had time to settle. 

Personal Branding sessions.

Everyone has their own ideas and needs for personal branding shoots. The way we price these sessions will depend on your requirements. Please speak with us in advance so we can help and advise you on getting the best cost-effective option for yourself or your company. 

If you have any questions we are here to advise so please call us on 01463 811379 or Email us 

Nigel Atkinson Photography 01463 811379


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