Why choose Nigel Atkinson Photography?

If Your looking for a professional PHOTOGRAPHER, then you have come to the right place.  I have been privileged to have worked alongside and travelled with some incredible photographers over a large part of my career learning from them, the techniques and lighting we use today. I firmly believe one never stops learning,  and I can safely say that photography is still my passion. As I celebrate my 26th year as a photographer. I find my interest in people is part of why I love being a Specialist Portrait Photographer.

More than anything when you place your trust in us, (we are a team of people) you can be assured that everything we do, is about service quality and value. 

We understand you have a choice, but I know those looking for professional photography will value above all a professional attitude, and a creative mind. All our products are from industry-leading suppliers. many are handmade so your legacy images, (because that's what they are) Stand the test of time. 

We are proud to be members of the Society of wedding and portrait photographers and the guild of photography. who promote assist photographers in business as well as pushing standards ever higher.  

We are always happy to show you our products in advance of you even booking a photoshoot, and we will always answer your questions no matter how small. We want you to love your experience with us from the first time you contact us. 

We create beautiful photographs you're going to love and want to show off. Your images will become family heirlooms, treasured by those who know and love you for many years, even generations to come. Where other's fall short, Nigel Atkinson Photography brings a sense of fun to your day, We light direct pose and produce images of the highest quality. we love creating one-of-a-kind unique artistic images for you and your family. We use make-up artists we have worked with for the last four years, who knows how to make you look good, under studio lighting, that said they will listen to you and create a look you will love.

All our prices include VAT and the price we quote is the price you pay, no hidden extras. We hope you find us genuine and professional, and we are proud that many of our clients are now regulars and indeed friends.

We offer card payments and even payment plans to make purchasing your photography easier.

Whatever your portrait needs you can trust we have you covered and that you will love your time spent with us.

Why do I need a makeover/portrait session?

The short answer is, you nobody needs a make-over session. It’s just a nice thing to do. The other side of that coin is that we have never had anyone who regrets doing it, in fact, the reverse is true we often hear I wish I had done this when mum was alive She would have loved this. Regrets are for those who don't take the opportunity.

why shouldn't you have a little me time, take the chance to look and feel amazing, and forget about the stresses and strains of modern life? You should, however, while you're here we will take images for your self-promotion and social media.  because your image does matter. 

So why should I do it?

Everybody has a different reason, and there are many reasons why we choose to be photographed. It's only natural to want images of you that look amazing. It may be for an experience to share with a friend or daughter. It might be for a loved one or even just a record of how good you look right now. It may be that you just want to feel good about yourself again, (we get that one a lot). But without doubt, the best one is because you want to and why shouldn’t you. We often receive comments from women who say it has boosted their confidence which is amazing. 

Can I bring the family along to be photographed at the same time as my make-over?

Absolutely, in fact, we encourage you to bring a loved one or your immediate family. Family photographs are important. We will photograph them individually whilst you get your make up done we can then photograph you all together before concentrating on your session. However, we do advise that the studio is best suited for a maximum of 4-5 people. Please call us if you require a larger group to be photographed.  One other thing, get your partner or friend to book a nice restaurant afterwards because you will look amazing. it just round's off a perfect day.

I just want family photographs

We cover everything portraiture. Make-overs, Family, Kids, Pets, Equine, Personal branding, Corporate headshots, Model, Fashion, Dance, Actors, & Sports both on location or studio-based. Whatever your portrait needs please call us. 

I would love to have a makeover, but I don’t photograph well?

I totally understand this one. For most of my life, I thought I looked terrible in images and would often shy away from the camera. Over the years I have been taught many things about photography by experts in particular fields. Everything plays a part posing, lighting, posture, expression, clothing, hair, makeup and even correct lens is important. Ironically the camera is the least important part. I have this knowledge I promise you don’t have to worry about a thing we have your back on this one. We light advise direct and photograph you. Giving you tips on how to look good in front of the camera and every single person is different.  always smile when people say that’s a good camera bet that takes a good picture. No camera ever created a picture just the same as no pen ever created a  story.

I Don't know what sort of images I like?

We always advise people to look on sites like Pinterest and create your own board. Save the type of images that appeal to you, and if possible, send it to us in advance, including a full-length picture of yourself so we can create something for you which you will love and is special to you.

I’m quite shy, a little nervous and a tad apprehensive?

It would be easy for me to say don’t be. But the best way to put your mind at rest is Come and talk us in person over a coffee. Bring a friend with you. We can meet where ever you like, though I would recommend coming to the studio if nothing else to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Breaking down that barrier can be quite a weight off your mind. You will be more relaxed on the day, which means you will have more fun.

Who will be there? & What happens on the day?

At the shoot will be myself, my wife who will be your assistant on set and mine at other times. Then we have Hair and makeup girls, so an all-female team except for me. Firstly, we have a small chat usually over a coffee or tea, go over the style of image’s you like, fill in a Model release form, (Which is quick and easy). Then you will go into Hair & Makeup, they will listen to your preferences advise and help you. This takes around an hour sometimes a little longer. when You have been transformed, we will go over your clothing choices (we send you a guide when you book your shoot, so you know what to bring with you.) Then we leave you to get changed whilst we get ready and then we create some amazing images of and for you. You may change into different outfits through the course of the shoot. Once we have completed your shoot. We will work on your images which usually takes around two weeks. You will be invited back for your presentation and it is here where you can choose the images you love. if you don't love them then just walk away at least you will have a had a great day out (it's never happened yet and hopefully it never will because that means we have failed) 

How much will it cost?

Check our cost page to see current session prices. Once you have paid for your photoshoot, it really is up to you. We only want you to purchase the images you love. Again, everybody is different, and there really is no rule, Collections offer the best value but if you only want one print then that's your choice. (our best seller is a folio box with a clear lid that looks like a framed image with the added bonus you can swap the images in two minutes) All Prints come with the full-res Digital file so you have both.  Our Al La carte retouched mounted and matted images start at £75* each and our collections Start at £450* Every collection has a beautiful hand made folio box and they all include a personal app which we build for your phone and tablet device that includes all your selected images. making it very easy to share your images with those you love. 

We do take Cards and even offer payment plans so you can spread the cost.   You decide what you want to purchase. Whatever you decide we promise that in twenty years from now the cost will not even figure in the equation. As one of my mentors once quoted, “A fool is someone who knows the price of everything the value of nothing".

What payment plans do you offer if any?

We do offer interest-free payment plans for any of our print products but not for photoshoots. Any order over £500 for three months for print products and 6 months for any order over £1000.

If you decide to take out a payment plan your order is activated once we receive the final payment from you. Please ask us for details. 

What if I do not like the images?

In the event you don't like your images, Just walk away it is that simple, hopefully, you will at least had a fun day with us. 

what I can say, is your portrait is our passion, and the images you love today will become even more special to you and those who love you, as time moves forward. Nobody ever regrets getting their portraits done. Regrets are for those who grow older with nothing to show or remind them of that moment in time. Unfortunately, we can never go back in time. You are amazing, isn’t that worth recording. Experience tells us it most certainly is. 

What are Collections and are they better value?

Collections are a mixture of products put together by us to give you the best value for money The Higher the value of the collection the more products you get and the more you save. We offer four collection levels to suit every budget. Elite, Signature, Memory, and Base. All collections include a number of 10x7 prints in 14x11 mounts in a beautiful handcrafted folio box, and the digital files either via email or on a memory stick, which sits inside your folio box. All collections include your very own App for your tablet or phone, all but the base collection includes a least one ready to hang wall portrait depending on the collection you choose.                          

How long is a session?

A photoshoot usually lasts between 90 minutes and 2 & 1/2  hours though this can vary depending on the type of shoot your purchasing and the number of people in your group. On top of this the completion of forms, running through clothing choices and your make-up will take up to an hour, add more time if you're having your hair styled. Believe me when I tell you it just flies by. 

How much time is needed for a Corporate headshot or Personal Branding Session?

For Corporate headshots, we understand that time is important to you. That's why if you have a Suitable room we can come to you set up our mini studio and get you photographed in the minimum amount of time.  This can be as little as ten minutes per person but as a rule, we like to allow 15 minutes per person. the whole point of you hiring us is because you want to look amazing.in as little time as possible. 

Personal branding sessions are dependant on your requirements,  Such sessions are used by home-based working professional"s and model and sports personnel.  Recently this we have seen members of the general public wanting this type of image for dating and social media sites. Please call us so we may advise you.

How do I Prepare for my portrait photo-shoot?

When you book a portrait session with us, we will send you information on how to prepare for your photoshoot, which includes things you should do and avoid doing in the days running up to your shoot. The information will include the type of clothing works well, advise on accessories, to help you get the best images of yourself and family. We can even create a Pinterest board showing for you to show the sort of clothes that work well in images.

Do photoshoots include a hairstylist?

It depends on the type of shoot your booking if you have shorter hair then as a rule one is not needed If you have long hair, then, without doubt, a stylist is beneficial. 

I only want the Digital file's

Purchase the print and we give you the Digital File free of charge. Digital files on their own are the same price as the prints. This is because the work is in creating the image, not the final output.  

For me, photography is about the printed image. Something you can hold, share, love and display. A printed image is special, it will be treasured both by you and those around you become one of your most prized possessions without a doubt. As a photographer, I know more pictures are being taken now than at any other time in our history.

Sadly experts have calculated that 95% of images taken on a mobile device will be lost sometime in the future, Simply because technology will move forward, and formats will change. Take the floppy disk and to a point CD's if you can remember them. How many images are now not accessible because the media they are stored on is outdated. For me, Only when you have a printed image do I consider it to be a photograph. outside of that, you have a digital file which is fine for carrying it around on your phone to show a friend. no one ever loved a file. but plenty loved photographs. 

When is the right time to get my photograph taken?

Now is the short Answer. Never in my time as a photographer as anyone ever said I wish we had waited. However, we have had many clients who tell us that they should have had a photo session at an earlier date. My mum would have loved this is quite common. We hear a variety of excuses all the time, I'm just waiting until I lose some weight, (if that's what you would like we're good for 20lbs) I need to grow my hair, (No your beautiful as you are) I'm trying to get my husband/daughter/son to join me, (we had a client just bring them for a surprise! it worked amazingly)  I'm waiting until the youngest can walk. (do not miss this moment before their walking you'll still love the images and you can always bring them back)  In what seems like a blink of an eye, the time has flown by, you have aged, the kids have left home or gone to university, and life is passing us all by at an alarming rate. Do it now because tomorrow things may be different

We always say that there is no time like the present, but remember you can never go back, so the right time, without doubt, is right now…

How do I book a photoshoot?

Before you even consider booking us you should take the time to talk with us. you can call us on 01463 811379 or you can email us. we can do this over the phone or we can do it over a coffee. We can go through a few things and find out about the sort of images that you would like to have. You'll find us very friendly and approachable. Just click on the link on our homepage and we will call you. if you have already decided to go ahead, you may call 01463 811379. (leave a message because we're probably with another client) email us nigel@nigelatkinson.co.uk

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes, gift vouchers can be purchased for any amount over £50. They can be used in part or the full payment for any service or product we offer depending on their value. Please call us to find out more. 

Do you have a brochure you can send me?

We no longer produce a printed brochure as we update it regularly. However, we would love to send you our PDF brochure. please contact us either by phone or email and we will email a copy to you.

Is there anything I should not do?

yes, arrive with chipped nail varnish, without a hairbrush or only the clothes you stand in. Oh and not read our what to do and bring guide which we send out when you book your photoshoot.    That's would just be a wasted opportunity.   

What is your referral programme we have heard about?

To be part of our Referral Programme you must be or have been a client. once you are a client you will automatically be part of the programme, here is how it works.

The biggest compliment anyone can give us is a referral.

When clients come to us and we ask how they found us. Occasionally the answer is you were recommended to us, by Mr A or Mrs B Knowing that previous clients love what we do enough to recommend us is completely awesome and we cannot thank you enough. This set us thinking we should reward you lovely people and so we have come up with a referral programme and it works like this.

Because you have taken any photoshoot with us in the past, you are automatically included the programme. if you recommend us to your family or friends who then book and take a photoshoot with us, we will provide you with an extra mounted and matted portrait image from your previous session to add to your folio, plus we will add an extra image for every £250 They spend on images. So for example if your friends or family were to have a photoshoot and then purchase our base Collection you would get 3 extra images from your previous Session as a thank you gift from us.

Plus as a bonus any future photo sessions* you take at our studio will be reduced to just £20 (normally £69) On top of which The people who you refer to us will receive a 10% discount off any collection they purchase from us. So it’s a win-win All they have to do is mention you by name and confirm your contact details at the time of booking and confirming their photoshoot to qualify. It’s that easy.


Booking a photoshoot is easy. We are friendly and we would love to be your chosen photographer.  your portraits are our passion. 

If you have any questions we are here to help and guide you. we look forward to your call.  Please call us on 01463 811379 or email nigel@nigelatkinson.co.uk

* Prices are plus VAT at the current rate.

** Extra charges may apply.

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