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Why choose Nigel Atkinson Photography?

If Your looking for a professional PHOTOGRAPHER, then you have come to the right place. We have the knowledge, Teaching others photography is part of what we do.

Training, Nigel has worked alongside travelled with and learned from some incredible photographers over a large part of his career. 

Nigel celebrates his 26th year as a photographer and it's still his passion.  

We hear many horror stories all the time. Think carefully before you choose your photographer, Firstly look at their work on their website.

Professional portrait photographers will have things like insurance,  will take card payments as well as cash. will offer you a contract so you know their terms and conditions in advance.  Do they have a landline number? will often be a member of a trade Association if your unsure ask to visit their studio ask to look at products and samples. A professional will welcome your visit with open arms.    

Finding the right photographer can be hard, and making the right choice is your decision alone. Being disappointed with your photographs is not a nice feeling. especially if its a special occasion. 

We create beautiful photographs you're going to love and want to show off. Your images will become family heirlooms treasured by those who know and love you for many years even generations to come. Where other's fall short, Nigel Atkinson Photography brings a sense of fun to your day, we love creating one-of-a-kind unique artistic images for you and your family. 

1.How Much is a portrait shoot?

Please See our pricing page.

2 Are packages better value?

Packages offer by far the best value. We offer five package levels to suit every budget. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. and ultimate. The larger the package the more you save. Please see our pricing page.                       

3. How long is a session?

A photoshoot usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours dependant on the type of shoot your purchasing. On top of this the completion of forms, running through the shoot ideas and your make-up will take up to an hour,  

4. How much time is needed for a Personal Branding session?

Personal branding sessions are dependant on your requirements, Basic sessions I.E no hair/makeup or clothing / set changes can take as little as 20 minutes including paperwork. The more choices you require obviously the more time it takes. Personal branding sessions are used by working professional"s and model and sports personnel.  Recently this we have seen members of the general public wanting this type of image for dating and social media sites. Please call us so we may advise you.

5. How do I Prepare for my portrait photo-shoot?

When you book a portrait session with us, we will send you information on how to prepare for your photo shoot, which includes things you should do and avoid doing in the days running up to your shoot. The information will include the type of clothing works well, advise on accessories, to help you get the best images of yourself and family. We can even create a Pinterest board showing for you to show the sort of clothes that work well in images.

6. Do photoshoots include a hair stylist?

We can book a stylist for you timed to coincide with your photo shoot. As with the MUA, you pay them directly on the day either cash or via PAY PAL. Please see our pricing page.

If you have long hair, then, without doubt, a stylist is beneficial. 

7. Can I purchase the Digital Negatives?

Hi-res digital negatives are included with all our Packages.

Also Included in all our packages, is your own Smartphone app so you always have your images with you. They work on both IOS and Android platforms. You can share your images on social network sites, show your friends over coffee, or at work, wherever you go.  within your app is every image you have purchased, and a short film of your day which again you can share with whomever you like.

8. When is the right time to get my photograph taken?

Now is the short Answer. We know many clients who tell us that they should have had a photo session at an earlier date. My mum would have loved this is quite common. We hear a variety of excuses all the time, I'm just waiting until I lose some weight, I need to grow my hair, I'm trying to get my husband/daughter /son to join me, I'm waiting until the youngest can walk. In what seems like a blink of an eye, the time has flown by, you have aged, the kids have left home or gone to university, and life is passing us all by at an alarming rate. 

Do it now because tomorrow everything will have changed.

We always say that there is no time like the present and whenever you decide to have your photo taken, the resulting images will always turn out so beautiful they will take your breath away. Whatever stage in life you are at, we will always capture that special moment and turn it into a piece of art, but remember you can never go back, so the right time, without doubt, is right now…

9. I'm quite shy or nervous 

Don't worry if you're a little shy or nervous, it's perfectly normal and we're more than used to it! if your that way inclined it is how you are made this is what makes you unique. We see it as an opportunity to capture some unique images.  

10. How do I book a photoshoot?

Before you even consider booking us you should take the time to talk with us. you can call us on 01463 811379 or you can email us. to arrange a meeting. We can go through a few things and find out about the sort of images that you would like to have. Simply give us a call, You'll find us very friendly and approachable or just click on the link on our homepage and we will call you. 

11. Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes, gift vouchers can be purchased for any amount over £25 they can be used in part or the full payment for any service or product we offer depending on their value. Please call us to find out more. 

12 Do you have a brochure you can send me?

We no longer produce a printed brochure as we update it regularly. However, we would love to send you our PDF brochure. please contact us either by phone or email and we will email a copy to you.      


Booking a photo shoot is easy. We are friendly and we would love to be your chosen photographer.  

If you have any questions we are here to help and guide you. we look forward to your call.  Please call us on 01463 811379 or email nigel@nigelatkinson.co.uk

* Includes VAT at the current rate.

** Extra charges may Apply.

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