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Current guidelines have once again changed.  Your safety is always our primary concern.

Julie and I work together as a team to provide you our clients with a safe and fun atmosphere for your special day. For us, the experience and creation of images go hand in hand. However, we live in unprecedented times and for the safety of all concerned, the way we work has changed to keep everyone as safe as possible.  

As we are in lock-down current rules mean we must once again suspend all photo sessions till further notice.  The government has said its next review will take place on the 15th of February though we feel at this time not much will change before the beginning of March. Anyone with a photoshoot booked during this lockdown period will be offered new dates just as soon as it is possible to do so. we will contact you when we get the green light to continue trading. 

We are still taking inquiries and you are welcome to book a session for later in the year. We, of course, have to follow the law, and your safety and that of those who work with us is of course our first concern.  Rest assured, if you have booked a session with us we will as soon as it is safe and possible to do so, resume services with an agreed new date for your session should the original session be postponed. 

To stop the spread of infection & Prior to every photo session or appointment, clients must inform us if -:

you or any member of your party (within the last 14 days) have, or suspect they may have, symptoms of Covid-19. 

Outdoor sessions when allowed will be conducted away from others.  If we see people approaching we will stop the shoot until such a time as it is safe to continue.  Time is not an issue for us as we only book one session per day, thus allowing us to take as much time as needed to create high-quality imagery for our clients. 

We will (when possible) keep our distance from you which is quite easy for us to do outdoors as we can photograph you with longer lenses so this is rarely a problem. posing and direction again can be done quite easily from a distance. 

Your safety is always our first concern. and we thank you for your understanding and patience, in these unprecedented times.  

Below is a list of our working practices for photoshoots when they are allowed to take place. 

1. Studio Photoshoots will take place no sooner than 3 full days after the end of the last studio session. 

2. Deep cleaning will take place between each and every shoot, with alcohol-based cleaning products. Certain items such as cloth backdrops will be steam cleaned between sessions

3. For Studio sessions A dehumidifier and will run on the day of your photoshoot. keeping the studio air clean and the humidity at an optimal healthy level.   The studio will also be well ventilated. 

4. All non-essential soft furnishings, props, and have been removed or protected.   

6. Only fully washable props will be used until further notice. 

7. Any used Paper Background sections will be discarded at the end of every photoshoot and the remaining roll will be quarantined for at least 72 hours, before being used again.

8. Photo sessions will only be allowed when government guidelines permit us to do so, it is clear that Indoor sessions have greater limitations than outdoor sessions. The latest government guidelines will be adhered to at all times.              

9 Hand sanitizing Station will be available and we will, of course, be wearing a face covering at all times indoors and where circumstances permit outdoors. 

10 We will keep (to our best ability) a distance from you and rather than adjust clothing and hair for you we will direct you so you may do it yourself.  This applies to both indoor and outdoor sessions. 

Consultation and presentation sessions are currently suspended

Once sessions recommence 

They will be by appointment only. 

A maximum of 4 people will be allowed but we ask that masks be worn at all times. Numbers do not include anyone under the age of 12. 

Our promise to you                      

Our promise to you is we will still have a fun day creating imagery that you will love and enjoy for generations to come. We are so looking forward to creating images for you of those people you love now, more than ever. 

COVID 19 has changed the way we work and the advice is constantly being updated. The safety of everyone remains our highest priority and we thank you for your patience and understanding in helping us achieve this.

Please return to this page for the latest information and current guidance. Above all please stay safe. 

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