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Headshots and Team Imagery 

In this digital age, Your business portrait is more important than ever. 

Every professional need's an image to captivate and support their brand. Our corporate headshots / social media profile images are shot to convey subtle confidence and approachability. This combination will make you stand head and shoulders above the competition. 

Together we'll team up to create a professional look that captures you at your best. portray you in a way that people want to connect with you all in a minimum amount of time.

People want to spend money with those they feel they can trust, and you have just seven seconds to create that first impression. There is no better way to start building that trust. There is nothing about a self-portrait that says spend money with us. 

Studio or your place of work.

We understand that time is important to you. If you have a Suitable room or space, you can leave us to set up a mini studio, so we can get you and your team photographed safely, with the minimum amount of time and fuss allowing, you to continue with your busy schedule.

More time select a studio session, so everything is ready to go when you arrive.

Please ask by clicking on the link below. 

All Pricing includes travel within 25 miles of our base.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

All Headshot only sessions include 

A Headshot Session.

A password-protected proof gallery of your headshot images for you to choose from, within 24 hours. 

Single Retouched Digital Image file per person

Full lifetime Image rights.

Headshot Pricing 

Single Headshot Session £79 

More than one person add £39 per person 

Extra Selected Retouched Digital Images £29 Each

Mounted & Matted 10x7 Prints with digital file £49 Each 

  Selected Images will be Retouched & delivered in Digital Format both high and Lo resolution copies within 48 hours of your selection being made.  

Digital Print combo

Retouched Digital and print combo complete (as above) with Mounted and Matted 10x7 Prints £59 Each

Professionally printed mounted & matted photographs delivered within 7 working days.

Safe - Group / Team Images Please Ask for information and a quote. 

Please note Composite imagery is priced upon the time needed to create the composite. Obviously, the more people you require in an image the longer the image will take to create please contact us so we can discuss your requirements 

Extra charges will apply for travel over 50 miles round trip from our base @ 0.45ppm + £15 per hour. Charged in half-hourly blocks

All Pricing is plus VAT @ the current rate. 

Please contact us for more information and a quote 

A suitable room or Indoor space must be provided for on-site headshot photography

Please Click Here and fill out our inquiry form and we will contact you 

Or call 01463 811379

07515 948355 Mobile

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