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A portrait is so many things more than a just photograph of you.

When I look through the camera, I see the real you, and not the perception you have of yourself, and certainly not the things that you dislike about yourself.

Most people, if asked would change something about their physical appearance,  The answers are always different, but rarely the response is "nothing I like the way I  look". It appears that we see ourselves in a different light to which others view us.

Everyone is different and everybody has their own idea of what or who they consider beautiful. 

When we opened our portrait studio, our aim was to create beautiful photographs that you would be proud to hang on your wall. Photographs which will become more valuable as time moves forward. This still is my driving force. Photography is a powerful medium at its worst it can make us cry, despair, wonder and shock, but it can also remind us of times gone by, what and who is important, but more importantly we use it to show you how beautiful you are.  

Those around you see your beauty, they love you for who you are, even with those perceived imperfections, it is those so called imperfections that define us, and by the way, we all have them, every one of us. 

If I have learnt anything in my time as a portrait photographer, it’s that beauty comes from within. Someone who is beautiful on the inside is fabulous on the outside. When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, your confidence grows. 

I have always enjoyed meeting people and listening to their story. I love creating photographs and dispelling doubts and myths that people have about themselves. For me, there is no greater feeling of joy, than when I show someone their own image, and I see a large smile appear on their face, or even on occasions a tear of joy in their eye. The realisation that they are beautiful for some can be quite an emotional joyous moment, To be able to capture that moment in a photograph, is what I love most about being a portrait photographer. Bringing out that beauty is my job, it's why I love what I do so much.  

We all get tangled up in the day to day comings and goings of time. Life passes us by so quickly. But to my mind, before you can care for others properly, you need to look after and love yourself.

Stop for a moment and take a look around. You are loved not for the way you look, but for the person inside. Celebrate that time and love, for it is a gift that is easily lost.

Time can change things so quickly, We grow older but photographs capture a moment in time that's there for ever. To have those images to look at and share in years to come will always bring a smile and ignite a fond memory.  

The Portraits we create are not just for you, they are for all that love you, both present, and future generations. For yourself they can boost your confidence, They let you see your beauty. For those around you, they are treasured images which only grow in value as time moves forward.

That’s why I love what I do.

Our Studio

"Photography is about being able to click with people, not just clicking the shutter"

Alfred Eisenstaedt.

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