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A family portrait is so much more than photograph - It's a memory for you to treasure forever.

Book and take a family Photoshoot between now and the 8th December 

and you & your family could win £1000 worth of family portraits in time for Christmas.

Head over to our Blog Page to find out more.  

Quality photography should be more than just a collection of photographs,

The whole experience should (if done correctly) be easy, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable.

Images should convey emotion and connection.  Many clients now want more than just posed images.

Photographs of your family doing the things they love to do are becoming ever more popular and we love this.

These images tell your story to make everyone smile and are simply something that your whole family will enjoy for generations to come.

Everything from walking the dog to running on the beach or even playing in the garden. images that remind you of days past. 

Find out more by clicking here.

Your Portrait is Our Passion

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  • on the attack
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  • Thats dad tackled
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  • Helen & Meghan
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  • James
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  • Sam
  • Claire B/w
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  • NAP_19N5722
  • Relaxing William
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  • NAP_19N3353-Edit
  • NAP_16L6428
  • NAP _16L5328-Edit-2
  • NAP_19N3901
  • Dance GY1
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More than a just photoshoot, it's a fabulous experience

Nigel Atkinson Photography offers high-quality portrait photography in Inverness, the Black Isle, and the surrounding highlands of Scotland.

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