COVID 19 Update

These uncertain times are without a doubt, have been the most testing period, certainly during my lifetime. If any good has come out of this awful pandemic, then it has to be the lessons of knowing the value of people, both those close to us and those who provide us with care and essential services, each and every one of us rely on these hard-working key workers, they are essential to us all.

As a company, we have always try to make those we come into contact with feel valued. This also applies to the people who work alongside us in our photographic business. Before lockdown, our aim as a collective has always been to make you our clients and feel special and this, of course, will continue. 

Our passion for creating legacy imagery has just been endorsed by reality.  We would urge you when this is all over please just do it. We would relish the chance to be your chosen Photographer because Your Image is our passion.  

I know with my own family how much we all have changed over time. It is no coincidence that the images we love the most are of family and close friends at different stages of their lives journey.

Do not wait for a special occasion, the occasion is you are together. long after these uncertain times, a portrait will become so much more than just a photograph, Every time it's viewed it will bring back memories that only you can treasure.

We will at some point come through this, and though things will undoubtedly change such as the way we work,  you can be assured we will always put you and your safety first.

For now, we remain closed but we look forward to meeting both old and new friends again very soon.

Please above all stay safe

This decision will be reviewed and updated regularly. (Last reviewed 23/05/20)


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  • Sam
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  • Helen & Meghan
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  • Steph Wall
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  • Sporting gun
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  • James
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  • Bearded Collie Dog 3
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  • NAP _16L5695
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  • NAP_19N3669
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  • NAP_19N2800-Edit
  • Rachel & Iona
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  • NAP_19N3016
  • NAP_16L6531-Edit-Edit
  • Riona Vintage Image
  • NAP_17M0158-Edit
  • NAP_17M8720

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Nigel Atkinson Photography offers high-quality portrait photography in Inverness, the Black Isle, and the surrounding highlands of Scotland.

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